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Book a FREE no obligation pension review in Preston and find out what your frozen pension could really be worth.

What is a frozen pension?

It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the Preston area with frozen pensions. These occur when an employee parts with a company and leaves behind them money paid into an occupational pension. These funds are usually ‘frozen’ until retirement age and sometimes are never claimed. A free pension review arranged by our partners will highlight any frozen pensions you have, allowing you to take back control of your money and boost your retirement savings.

This is not a time to be complacent about your pension. With so many funds under performing and changes to the state pension announced, you need to make sure your payments are invested wisely to build a big enough pension pot to allow you the comfortable retirement you deserve.

Benefits of unfreezing your pension

  • Pension funds can be reallocated into a higher performing fund
  • Build up a larger retirement pot
  • Take control of your pension
  • Possibility of reducing your current pension charges
  • Multiple frozen pensions can be combined
  • Get an accurate picture of what you can expect to retire on

What you can expect from your pension review

  • Clear straightforward advice from our network of IFA’s
  • Better understanding of the pension process
  • Completely free of charge pension review
  • You have total control throughout the whole process
  • A clear fee structure if you decide to proceed

What to do next?

Improve the performance of your pension with a review from the experts. Understand your options and get a free pension review in Preston from a qualified IFA

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