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Make an Affordable and Legal Will Online

Abbey Broadway are delighted to offer you a quick, easy and affordable way to make a Will online. With our online solicitors approved and document review facility you can rest assured that you will have a completely legally binding professional Will.

Why Use our Online Will Writing Services

  • No appointments necessary
  • Save it and return facility
  • Telephone Support
  • Review facility

How it works in 3 easy steps

  • Create an Account
  • Complete our questionnaire with helpful guidance notes
    Save & Return facility
  • Review Confirm & Pay


  • If you are over 18 and live in England and Wales
  • Your instructions are straightforward
  • The value of your Estate is below £325,000 (Single person)
  • The value of your Joint Estate is below £650,000

Not Suitable

This option may not be suitable if you can answer yes to any of the criteria listed below and we recommend that you seek advice if

  • You are domicile outside England & Wales
  • You own property outside England & Wales
  • You intend to live abroad on a permanent notice
  • You have a Business or Farming interest
  • You wish to leave any land, building, timeshare or intellectual property as a separate gift
  • You want to leave anything of value to a person with learning disability and or is dependent on means tested benefits
  • The value of your Estate exceeds £325,000 (Single person)
  • The value of your Joint Estate exceeds £650,000 ( Married person, Civil partnership or Widowed )

Online Will Service

Type of Service Single Will Joint/Mirror Will
Making a Will £90.00 £130.00
Lifetime Storage £40.00 £80.0



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