Single parents offered discounted wills

Single parents offered discounted wills

SINGLE parents are being offered the opportunity to have a heavily discounted will written to protect their children’s future. Abbey Broadway, is once again hosting Single Parent Month throughout January. Research has shown that single parents are one of the most likely groups not to have a will and Abbey Broadway is keen to change this.

We are offering single parents throughout the UK a chance to have their will written at a greatly reduced cost in the hope it will make them think about their children’s future and ensure, should anything happen to them, their children’s’ welfare is assured and that they would be entrusted to the person that they want to care for them, instead of leaving it to chance.

Abbey Broadway’s Jayne Hayward, said: “As parents with young children most of us never think about dying but sadly not all parents live long enough to see their children grow up. For single parents particularly, a will is the most important thing you can do for your children to ensure that guardianship and trusts are put in place should the unthinkable happen before your child is 18.

Throughout the month of January, our consultants across the country will be offering to write a single parent’s will for a fixed fee of £110.00 regardless of circumstances.

For further information about this initiative, or to book an appointment , please contact us on 0800 368 9770 or email